Pilates and Personal Training in Melrose

Experience Private Pilates, a cutting edge MindBody Pain Program, TRX Training, and more – in a spotless boutique studio in Melrose, Massachusetts.

Welcome to Pilates Melrose

Are you struggling with chronic pain? In rehab from a recent injury? Seeking to support the athletic in your every day? To feel strong for adventures with friends, kids, or grandkids? Whatever brings you to Pilates Melrose, this is your ideal space to have fun and create positive change through movement.

For Strong Bodies

Build serious strength balanced with the flexibility and endurance that athletes of all ages need to remain at the top of their game.

For Chronic Pain

I’m trained in cutting edge neuroscience techniques to eliminate chronic pain, and get you moving again – with joy and without fear.

For Every Body

Each session delivers a fun and exciting mix of challenges – a workout that is both research-driven and tailored to individual training needs.

Amanda Hanson Pilates instructor and studio owner at Pilates Melrose MA

Meet Amanda

Amanda Hanson, the creator and owner of Pilates Melrose, is a dedicated Pilates Instructor who embodies her ideal of whole body health and wellness by helping each client unlock their full inner potential.

Using her 18 years of experience in the Pilates and Holistic Health disciplines, Amanda works with a wide range of people, in pursuit of myriad fitness/wellness objectives. She leverages her professional training, continued education, and long experience to create custom fitness and wellness plans for every individual client – from the person who wants to holistically strengthen their body, to someone seeking relief from chronic pain.

Amanda is truly passionate about what she does, and she is excited for every opportunity to help her clients achieve their goals.

Personalized Pilates Experience

Pilates Melrose is a top-of-the-line Pilates and Personal Training studio located in Melrose MA. The studio is clean, professional, and bright to provide a comfortable and accessible environment for all clients. The studio is equipped with an array of modern Pilates apparatus, for an exciting and varied approach to meeting your health and wellness needs, as well as a safe and invigorating workout.

Pilates Melrose is focused on a personalized approach to Pilates and overall wellness. Call or email us to set up your initial consultation, and start experiencing a tailored approach to holistic wellness. Through personalized planning and ongoing support you will see a positive change in how you feel and move every day.

At Pilates Melrose, I’m proud to provide a safe, comfortable, and progressive space for every individual. My studio has been recently renovated and has top of the line Pilates and Personal Training equipment in a clean, bright environment. Whether you are interested in Pilates, Personal Training or my cutting- edge MindBody Pain Program, you will experience a transformation of both body and mind.

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