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Experience a complete renewal of body and mind in a boutique Pilates studio serving the community in and around Melrose MA. The studio offers traditional Pilates Training alongside Personal Training and a cutting edge MindBody Chronic Pain program, to help you end the devastating cycle of chronic pain and reclaim your quality of life. Whether you are looking to build strength, improve flexibility and posture, or eliminate chronic pain in your body and mind – Pilates Melrose is the ideal space to experience your wellness journey.

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About the Studio

After more than a decade teaching at popular Pilates studios in and around Boston, I relocated to Melrose, MA – to be with my now husband and family – as the Covid pandemic broke out. In Melrose, I have been thrilled to find an active, intelligent, creative, and enthusiastic community – devoted to the truly important things in life. Given these excellent qualities, it was odd that I did not find a dedicated Pilates studio!

It is my great privilege to bring my vast experience as an instructor and enormous passion for human movement to my new hometown, in the form of Pilates Melrose – the first boutique Pilates studio in Melrose, MA. My newly renovated, top of the line studio space is located on the basement floor of my private residence in Melrose. It is clean, quiet, bright, and exceptionally well-equipped. I have invested in the most dynamic Pilates machines on the market, with the largest range of uses for every body. I also use suspension straps, bands, and other resistance training tools to provide a dynamic experience for every client.

I’m so proud to introduce the many benefits of Pilates to the Melrose MA community. I look forward to a long and healthy future with Pilates Melrose!

Meet Amanda

Hello! My name is Amanda Hanson – I’m the owner and founder of Pilates Melrose. I bring 18 years of experience as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Certified Holistic Health Coach to my new home, in Melrose MA. I am also a MindBody Pain (TMS) Coach, working with my clients to resolve all forms of chronic pain, and other unpleasant chronic symptoms, through Pain Reprocessing Therapy and other scientifically proven emotional and brain training and nervous system calming techniques. The latter is truly the culmination of all I have learned, observed, and implemented with clients and myself over my long tenure; I am excited and proud to share this revolutionary research and work with the world.

Amanda Hanson Pilates instructor and studio owner at Pilates Melrose MA


“Amanda is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to pilates. Her classes are clear (and hard!). She has a pace and rhythm that makes them fly by. Her very keen eye will give you the minute corrections you need to discover many muscles you never knew you had. She is also whip smart and funny. Go to Amanda Hanson if you want to re-discover the energetic pain free body of your youth.”

Richard L.

“Until I found Pilates, I assumed that I would never fully heal from chronic pain and would never feel comfortable pushing my physical limits. Pilates changed that for me, and Amanda’s classes and teaching took it a step further–not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about human physiology and fitness, she inspires her students to safely push their limits through her expertise, intelligence, humor, and boundless energy and creativity. Thanks to Amanda I am stronger than I have ever been and I now have the confidence to try things (physical and otherwise) that I never would have dreamed I could do!”

Julia S.

“Working with Amanda has been transformative. She is an extraordinary instructor who works to understand what you need and want to achieve, and she personalized her approach while pushing you to greater strength and flexibility. I’ve advanced so much through my work with Amanda, and I’m so grateful to have her guidance.”

Michele R.

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