Meet Amanda

Pilates Melrose Studio Owner, Instructor, and MindBody Pain Coach

Hello! My name is Amanda Hanson – I’m the owner and founder of Pilates Melrose and Cure Your Chronic Pain. I bring 20 years of experience as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, and – most recently – a certified MindBody Pain Coach to my new home, in Melrose MA. In addition to my physical work with clients, I am a Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) Coach, and have a second business – Cure Your Chronic Pain – devoted to helping clients resolve all forms of chronic pain, and other unpleasant chronic symptoms, through scientifically proven emotional and brain training techniques.

When it comes to getting bodies moving, Pilates might be my most enduring love, but, my clients’ stunning results come from using the Pilates machines in concert with other proven strength and flexibility training methods – such as suspension straps, free weights, and band and cable resistance. I am constantly pursuing continued education – regularly attending seminars and courses from experts in the fields of strength and athletic conditioning and physical therapy/physiotherapy – so I am prepared to help each and every client.

I’ve treated chronic pain through functional movement in a clinical setting – as an elite Pilates Instructor – for nearly two decades. Although I had success in helping my clients live their best lives, I knew there was a better future for them than simply managing their pain. When I developed my own chronic pain, it became a very personal crusade to find answers.

I discovered neuroscientists are on the cusp of a revolution in understanding where chronic pain does (and does not) come from, and how to fully recover from it. I learned that chronic pain persists when we focus on the physical and structural. To truly eliminate pain, we must first and foremost target the brain, and patterns of fear, rumination, and activity avoidance. I’ve been qualified by some of the world’s top neuroscientists and brain researchers to use a cutting edge technique called Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) to greatly reduce and often eliminate my clients’ pain. You can read more about by individualized MindBody Pain Program here. Or, visit my sister site: Cure Your Chronic Pain.

At Pilates Melrose, I am passionate about healing bodies, by healing people. In this studio, my work with chronic pain patients fits perfectly with my passion for building strong and resilient bodies through Pilates. Here, my clients get back to living their best lives – pain free. I am devoted to preparing all of my clients’ for enjoying every athletic, adventurous, and playful experience life gives them. For chronic pain sufferers, deeper work has to be done. I help them break the cycle of fear, fixation, frustration, and fighting – so they can get out of pain, and back into play, once and for all. Pilates Melrose is truly the culmination of all I have learned, observed, and implemented with clients and myself over my long tenure. I am excited and proud to share this revolutionary research and work with the world.

When I’m not teaching or studying, I can be found unwinding with my husband and step-kids. My favorite things include gardening, hiking in the Fells, biking to breweries, reading or lounging in our back garden, hosting brunch, planning world travel, and strolling around lovely Melrose. I enjoy being an active part of this wonderful community, in every sense of the word!

Amanda Hanson Pilates instructor and studio owner at Pilates Melrose MA