Personal Strength Training

Strength doesn’t just happen. Strong, capable, and resilient bodies train for it – using exercise-science backed strategies for increasing strength, flexibility, power, and agility over time. I’ve been continuously certified by the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine, and have worked as a Personal Trainer, for nearly two decades. During that time I’ve earned not only credentials, but also mastery – through hard work, observation, and experience with hundreds of Personal Training clients.

Get Stronger with Personal Training in Melrose MA

My Personal Training clients benefit from my experience with individuals at all stages and phases of life and fitness. I’ve worked with numerous power lifters, dozens of grandparents, and every one in between. Wherever you are starting, we will create an individualized roadmap from your current fitness level to achieving your goals, and work together to get you there. Major changes take time, but, my clients start noticing more improvements in strength, stability, self confidence, and attitude nearly immediately.

Personal training session Melrose MA
Amanda Hanson teaching a personal training client

Fully Equipped Personal Training Studio

My studio at Pilates Melrose is equipped with suspension training straps, free weights, weighted balls, variable band resistance, and sandbags – to keep muscles continuously challenged, and workouts engaging and fun. I use a variety of plyometric exercises, and an AirDyne bike, to incorporate cardio interval work. And, since it is a Pilates studio, my Personal Training clients also get to use the Reformer, Tower, and Pilates Chair as part of their routines.


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