Pilates Training

“Pilates is a system of coordinated movement, concentration, and breathing that fully absorbs the [client] in what he or she is doing, adds grace and efficiency to daily life, relieves stress, increases circulation, augments self-esteem, becomes a habit, and most importantly is fun to do.”
— from “Caged Lion: Joseph Pilates & His Legacy” by John Howard Steel

Pilates for Strong Bodies

I started out as a teenage figure skater. Now – after 18 years as an instructor, and into my 40’s – I understand what it takes to keep committed athletes, parents and grandparents, and weekend warriors alike in excellent shape, throughout their lives. I personally love being STRONG, but I know the meaning of that word changes many times throughout our lives. My job is to help you articulate and achieve your strength goals, at every age and stage. I was originally drawn to Reformer Pilates because it offers extremely efficient and challenging strength routines, using every muscle in new ways. I stayed because it also delivers the flexibility, stability, and endurance that athletes of all ages need to remain at the top of their game. At Pilates Melrose, my athletic clients have fun while staying exceptionally fit, at every age!

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Pilates lessons and training

Pilates for Chronic Pain Patients

I overcame multiple chronic pain syndromes by educating and immersing myself in the neuroscience of MindBody Pain (TMS). As part of my healing, I got trained by the top experts in this emerging field. Now my MindBody Pain Program clients benefit from cutting edge methods that are revolutionizing the treatment of chronic pain. At Pilates Melrose, I offer an incredibly unique mix of passion, personal experience, and professional expertise. I take the time to listen to and validate my clients’ individual stories; and I provide a safe, science based, and confident roadmap to their healing. Learning to move again – with joy, and without fear – is an enormous part of convincing our brains we are safe and powerful, so they will let go of pain. Pilates is the perfect gradual, meditative, total body movement system for chronic pain patients.

Pilates for Every Body

I have made continuing education – across fitness disciplines, in biomechanics, functional movement, and in the neuroscience of chronic pain – a huge part of my professional life. This ongoing study means that each session at Pilates Melrose promises a fun, unique, and individualized experience. Additionally, in the course of my 18 year tenure, I have worked with many pre- and post-natal clients, clients with motor impairments and/or cognitive disabilities, and others who require unique assistance to access the universal benefits of Pilates. I have invested in the most dynamic Pilates machines on the market, with the largest range of uses for every body. Pilates is excellently suited for individuals with short or long-term, special physical needs. I am proud to provide a safe, comfortable, and progressive space for every individual.


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